ERIC NAM: An impassioned concert in the French capital!

Last night, June 20, ERIC NAM set La Machine du Moulin Rouge on fire in front of more than 1,200 people.


Postponed due to health restrictions, the Parisian concert of ERIC NAM‘s « THERE & BACK AGAIN EUROPE TOUR 2022 » took place June 20 in the sold-out La Machine du Moulin concert hall. Initially scheduled for April 7 at the FVTVR concert hall, French NAMNATIONs (fandom’s name) and ERIC NAM were finally able to meet after two years of a pandemic.

The first part of this Parisian concert was sublime. RHYS LEWIS, a British songwriter accompanied by his pianist RUPERT COX conveyed the atmosphere of this evening. The duo presented us several titles including « ALONE » and « THINGS YOU CAN’T CHANGE » warmly welcomed by the public present in the concert hall. Oscillating between voice-piano songs and voice-guitar-piano songs, ERIC NAM fans were able to discover or rediscover the talent of this British duo!

After this first part, the fans, very hot after RHYS LEWIS, began to sing to call the singer. Worthy of the French atmosphere recognized by artists around the world, fans hit their feet with cries of encouragement, setting the room on fire before the arrival of the warmly welcomed musicians. We will find this atmosphere throughout this concert perfectly marking this evening.

During the concert, ERIC NAM made a perfect mix between songs from his first album as an independent artist like « Any other way » and his most famous songs like « You’re Sexy I’m Sexy ». There were also some of his titles in Korean like « Runaway » sung along with the audience. ERIC NAM performed some of these songs as « Paradise » and « Down for you » with two dancers adding a plus to the already exceptional performance of the soloist as well as the presence of the musicians at his side which produces an even deeper atmosphere to ERIC NAM’s voice accompanying him as it should be in the Parisian room.

In addition to an extraordinary choice of songs, we felt a strong closeness between ERIC NAM and his fans giving a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. ERIC NAM and his guitarist RYAN HOFFMAN improvised a few acoustic songs at the request of fans. The latter also sang happy birthday to the lucky fans to celebrate it the same evening. He did not hesitate, with a lot of humor, to try to speak French by introducing himself or by learning to sing « Joyeux Anniversaire (« Happy Birthdays »).

ERIC NAM ended his concert on « Congratulation » and « Wildfire » before coming back in encore on « I don’t know you anymore » perfectly concluding this sublime evening. The last tracks will be one of our favorite moments with « Congratulation » impassioned an audience already fully charmed and the project of the fans who had planned a banner for « I don’t know you anymore » finishing this perfectly evening. We can’t wait to come back at the end of this concert!


ERIC NAM will conclude his European tour in Amsterdam on June 21 at Paradiso before flying to Australia and New Zealand from September 5 to 10.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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