SUPERM: No more recruitment for the fanclub

Yesterday, an announcement on LYSN (app used for band fandoms) was made.


Indeed, it has been announced that fanclub services (called “SM ARTIST OFFICIAL FANCLUB“) will cease on July 20. These will be transferred to another platform. SM ENTERTAINMENT also announced that more information will be released later. However, it seems that the SUPERM group’s fanclub is permanently closed, as the agency has announced that no recruitment for the latter will be done. She also announced that news of the group will be transmitted only through their SNS.

LYSN is the platform on which various services are available there. For example, it is possible to register in the fanclubs of the members you wish to follow, to have their latest information, or even post comments. It is also possible to register on the “Dear U Bubble” service, which allows fans to “chat” with one or more selected members of the group of their choice.

So, here is the agency’s full statement:

« SM Entertainment’s artist fanclub services, including working with Lysn, will be transferred to a new platform, and recruitment will be done separately for each artist. Details will be shared later via another press release. The ACE extension will be maintained until July 20 (Wednesday), and Lysn services for artists’ fanclubs will also end on the same date. »

We are then waiting for the next press release from the agency, to find out more.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: LYSN

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