MCND : A fresh and swag concept

MCND’s second concept photo, which will make a comeback on July 7, was released.


MCND is about to release their 4th mini album “THE EARTH : Secret Mission Chapter.2“. At midnight on the 27th, MCND’s second version group concept photo was released.

MCND wore a school look in the first concept photo released last week. And in this concept photo, they transformed into street boys.

MCND members wore colorful and unique outfits. They also used props such as skateboards and bicycles.

In this album, MCND shows the members’ “FUN” and “DYNAMIC” charm through intuitive symbols and colorful images like the MZ generation. Through the “BAG” version of the first released concept photo, MCND’s unique hip and refreshing personality revealed even within the fence of school. captured

MCND plans to spoil the comeback by releasing the album tracklist and music video teaser on July 1st and 2nd.

Meanwhile, the showcase of MCND’s fourth mini album “THE EARTH : Secret Mission Chapter.2” will be held on/offline on the day of the album release on July 7. It will also meet global fans online through Naver V LIVE and Shopping Live at the same time.

Journalist: Shawn

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