KOREAN TOUCH: For many a “Korean Flouch”!!

This weekend a new event in Lyon (69) took place around South Korea, a first edition which is not unanimous.

When local media headlines:

“Huge success for the first Korean Touch, in Vaulx-en-velin” – Le progrès

It does not represent what the majority of people who visited the site felt.

Indeed for this first edition, the organizers of the event wanted to do something big, but perhaps too big in view of the management and the organization. Over two days, around 6,000 people, fans of South Korea, its music and its culture, came to the venue for the event.

When visitors are asked about their visit, the answers that come up most often are “There weren’t enough stands“, “The music wasn’t diverse enough“, “We stayed for an hour and we left“. And on social networks the fans express their dissatisfaction.

The organizers of the event had announced on its networks a big competition, stands to represent South Korea in an interesting place which apparently was not suitable. When we go to the stands and the volunteers who have come to lend a hand, the observation is essentially the same.

For some stands, in order to be able to work properly, they had to travel tens of meters to get what they needed. The contact with the leader, who has no organization, was extremely unpleasant. For people ordering products from endless queues.

And when we talk to them about the organization before the event, it’s just as catastrophic, between having no response from the organizers after weeks of waiting, organizational changes every day with modifications which affect the stand’s activity directly, for them they were on the verge of not participating.

“It was not practical at all, we understood nothing” – Volunteers

Even the guests, dancers who came to perform on stage to show their passion, anger and disgust were felt.

In any case the “positive” point you could appreciate many tattoo stands.

Fortunately, some people still managed to have fun, as evidenced by this message:

An event to repeat, or not.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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