ATEEZ: SAN and MINGI join the revolt

Today at noon KST, ATEEZ released SAN and MINGI’s concept photos on its SNS.

On the occasion of « THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT » album release, fans could discover the first group concept photo, but also those of HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO and YEOSANG. It’s SAN and MINGI‘s turn to join this movement.

Accompanied as always by « HALA HALA » characters, SAN and MINGI present impressive visuals in front of the camera. In the first photos, the two ATEEZ members wear a rebellious expressions perfectly representing the atmosphere of this new album.

MINGI presents a confident attitude in these different concept photos, ready for the upcoming events in ATEEZ universe. SAN, meanwhile, appears to have his hands bound by his glove’s chain. A chain from which he managed to free himself in the following photo, presenting a powerful expression in front of the lens.

Moreover, we find around SAN’s left wrist the headband worn previously by YEOSANG on his concept photo. Many sentences are inscribed on the latter such as « No more lies » that we find on some flags from previous shots, but also on MINGI‘s headband. SAN‘s headband also features the sentence « We gonna make it Loud », while MINGI‘s headband, hanging from his belt, reads: « We are the guerrillas ». With these many slogans, ATEEZ seems ready to follow up its « FEVER » series and start its revolution!

The first album of this new series, « THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT », will be released on July 29.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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