GREATGUYS: An unbearable vampiric charm

After the solo bodyguard versions, the intoxicating side of the GREATGUYS is highlighted.

Today at 4 p.m. KST via their official SNS, DNA Entertainment and group GREATGUYS released a new set of individual photos from the “vampire” version of the group’s comeback.

The first four members revealed this sexy, bewitching and somewhat magical side somewhere, are UI YEON, DA UN, DONG IN and HO RYEONG. Each photo and each member has his own style which will not leave you indifferent.

When the young DA UN poses looking into the distance, with his bright and clear face, his bright eyes, his softly drawn features, he strongly reminds us of Tom Cruise’s face in the movie “Interview with the Vampire“. An angel’s face hiding a secret that will gently make you fall into his arms.


HO RYEONG meanwhile is colder, manipulative and deceitful, does he have a “Joker” side that he hides deep inside? This grain of madness that makes you fall under his spell.


The sweet, tall and masculine UI YEON, remains very “soft” with his calm and neat pose which does not let you predict the harm he risks hiding under his attractive features.


And to finish this half series, DONG IN is a prince of darkness. His eyes staring directly into yours, his hands catching each other as if they were going to reach out to you to say “come to me“. His eyes hidden by a few locks to accentuate his dark and mysterious side, and his slightly open shirt to reveal a slightly sexy side, fans will not be able to escape.


The GREATGUYS group, which will be back on July 20 with its new mini-album “WE’RE NOT ALONE FINAL: Only you“, has decided to play it both ways with a protective side, even if it means braving the worst craziness to protect you, but also a seductive side such as vampires are. Two facets which in any case will make you fall under the spell of the group.

GREATGUYS will release their new album “WE’RE NOT ALONE FINAL: Only you” on July 20.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: DNA Entertainment

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