SEVENTEEN: The new world “new heights”

The group SEVENTEEN has unveiled for the first time the official photos of its 4th repackaged album “SECTOR 17”.


SEVENTEEN has uploaded official photos of the “New heights” version of their fourth album “SECTOR 17,” which will be released at 6 p.m. KST today, on their SNS. A total of 13 photos have been released, containing various charms of each member..

SEVENTEEN has unveiled the “New heights” version of the official photos of the new destination found beyond the sun and reaching the unknown frozen land “SECTOR 17“. The boys wear white suits that highlight the cold images and look at the camera with strong eyes, attracting attention.

SEVENTEEN posted on their official Instagram, just before the photos were posted, “The road we walked together became a winding ridge, and eventually this place was the first unknown peak of our lives. It was cold, but it was definitely the first greeting that greeted us.

They went on to say, “It was a whisper to light up this place where no life could breathe because there was no light. The highest and coldest place in the world, the brightest and hotter than any other. “SECTOR 17”, we are facing a new world like the sun,” the official “New heights” photo explained.

SEVENTEEN unveiled their own new world in “SECTOR 17,” which the members found after a steamy journey to become the sun. The title track “_World” is a combination of punk and urban R&B genres, expressing the new world of SEVENTEEN in a unique way using the “_” symbol, which replaces the word “NEW” without defining it in detail.


SEVENTEEN will release the “New beginning” version of the official photos on July 10, the medley on July 14, and the official teasers from July 15-16.

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Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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