ATEEZ: As a guerrilla against the world

The group ATEEZ from KQ ENTERTAINMENT is making its comeback this Thursday, July 28, with the album “THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT“.


Composed of members HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG and JONGHO, the group is ready to conquer the world once again with its brand new album, carried by the title track “Guerrilla”. The presentation showcase of the album is held in Seoul, and begins with a photo shoot. Each of the members introduces themselves to reporters, obviously looking happy to stand on stage.

This is also an opportunity for the group to hold promotions before embarking on a new series of concerts, starting in October in Seoul. But enough of discussion, the group takes place for the exclusive performance of “Guerrilla”, whose power resonates in the amphitheater where the showcase takes place.

“The psychedelic effect of the change of pace represents our guerrilla towards the worldHONGJOONG

With a laugh, SEONGHWA considers himself the member with the best look for this comeback, especially thanks to his haircut and his shave creating patterns. He also chooses HONGJOONG, who has a “Cruella” hairstyle, one side black, one side white. The latter selects SAN, and his eyebrows cut, emphasizing his intimidating gaze during performances, as well as his piercing.

Returning then to their album, the members of ATEEZ want to move the world with the story it tells over the songs. The members then state the “tracklist” of this one, as being: “Propaganda”,Sector 1”, “Cyberpunk”,Guerrilla”,The Ring”, “WDIG”,New world”. They hope that each track will be warmly received by the public and their fans, and thus obtain the first place in the musical programs and in the international charts such as Billboard.

They are also approaching their world tour which has allowed them to visit cities in Korea, the United States, Europe, and Japan, having gathered no less than one million eight hundred thousand fans around the world. They are very happy to have seen many people coming to meet them after the health crisis and are looking forward to resuming in October. Addressing again a comment on the album, HONGJOONG affirms to have chosen such titles and such order for a precise reason, in order to tell a story, from the beginning of the album, until its end.


It is now the Q&A with the journalists. ATEEZ begins by stating that it hopes to one day be able to perform worldwide for each of its fans, so that no one is left behind. The singers are already very happy with their journey since their debut, and thus wish that it does not stop so soon. They want to transmit their energy into their world, and make their future concerts unique, and stand out from other artists.

“I would love to hear people say one day, “I’m going to the Ateez concert because I know I’m going to see something amazing!” – HONGJOON


For them, the charts are not the most important, but the opinion of their fans is, lest they disappoint them. They are not concerned with what we say, and their concept, because they want to try out a varied spectrum of musical genres, and thus not be restricted to one category only. However, this album still represents a new challenge for the band, being darker in style and meaning, while hoping to keep the ATEEZ style incorporated. Everything represents a challenge, the album, the song, and even the style of dress.

Before closing the showcase, the group presents a last performance, that of the title “Sector 1”.

Despite the fact that all questions could not be answered due to lack of time, ATEEZ was warm and benevolent with journalists, and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​starting the promotion periods of “Guerrilla”. Before stepping down from the stage, the members reaffirm their will to preserve in their careers in the future, as they still have a lot to show their Korean and overseas fans.


The words of our reporter: “Strong comeback for this band with undeniable talent, looking forward to their next album!

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs
Video : Chemin Charlène
Translator: Shawn

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