U-KISS: A 14th anniversary

The U-KISS group celebrated its 14th anniversary.


U-KISS (Soohyun, Hoon, and Kiseop) celebrated its 14th anniversary on its official SNS today.

“It was not easy to protect the group as the leader of U-KISS, but we were able to celebrate the 14th anniversary because we had fans who supported and loved U-KISS for a long period of 14 years.”,

said SOO HYUN, leader of U-KISS.

SOO HYUN then said, “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I want to create more beautiful and happier memories with U-KISS and SOO HYUN, HOON and KISEOP in the future. I love you KISS ME (members of the fan club).

Meanwhile, HOON said:

U-KISS celebrates its 14th anniversary. As a member of U-KISS, I haven’t been with you for 14 years, but I know how precious it is and I’m grateful.”

HOON said, “I would like to thank the Tango Music family who cherish us so that we can stay as U-KISS, members SOO HYUN and KISEOP who are always by my side, and I want to thank KISS ME for us. have supported, loved and trusted so far. We will continue to work hard to become a U-KISS group that can show you better performance and make you happy on this 14th anniversary.

“I’m so happy to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the debut of U-KISS, and it’s new to spend this one with the members of the new agency Tango Music”,

said KISEOP.

I still feel it every first birthday, but thanks to all the fans who love U-KISS, I was able to come here. We will continue to create precious birthdays with our fans. All company staff and members who have supported U-KISS, thank you for your hard work. Let us now walk on flowery paths. I love you,” expressing his affection.

U-KISS, which debuted with their first mini album “NEW GENERATION” in 2008, has boasted long-time popularity at home and abroad with a number of hit songs such than “Man Man Hani“, “Bingle bingle“, “Shut up!!” and “Quit playin.”


In addition, U-KISS recently opened its official YouTube channel “ukiss official” to continue to actively communicate with fans with various content, and do candid activities in various fields such as musicals, drama, broadcasting and radio.

In particular, SOO HYUN released his first solo mini album “COUNT ON ME” after 14 years since his debut last month, and proved his presence as a solo artist by making a comeback with the title track “Fairy of Soju“. Accordingly, there are reasonable expectations for the brilliant performance of U-KISS in the future.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS U-KISS

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