ONEUS: An interesting performance

Group ONEUS has released a live performance video of its new song “Same scent.”


RBW, the group’s agency, released a live performance video of the title track “Same scent” from the 8th mini album “MALUS” on ONEUS’ official channel on the afternoon of September 11.

In the released video, ONEUS members show 200% for an unparalleled and stable performance, offering the beauty of listening and watching. In particular, the group shows the aspect of a “stage genius” adding various facial expressions to the performance that uses the light and sexy charm of the music.

Overall, the studio with a white background brings out the look of ONEUS in their black outfits with strong contrast. In addition to that, a wilder style of the song, with the body chains and see-through costumes, adds the sexy charm of ONEUS to attract attention.


The live performance of the six members, who are unfazed by the passionate group dance, has a different charm from the musical source, clearly revealing the abilities of talented performers. ONEUS’ performance, which is distinguished by force control in accordance with the qualifier “Representative performer of the 4th generation“, has won favorable reviews from fans at home and abroad.


ONEUS released its eighth mini album “MALUS” on September 5. After the release of the new album, it garnered attention by ranking among iTunes Top Albums in many countries and regions, including Malaysia, Russia, and Turkey. “Same scent” is a lyrical and sultry song with flowing and sultry lyrics.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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