MIRAE: A comeback with a new series

The group MIRAE returns with its fourth mini-album.

According to DSP Media on September 14, MIRAE will be releasing its fourth mini album “OURTURN” on September 28 and will begin promotional activities after about eight months.

From this album, MIRAE members will start a new series named “소년 (Boy)” and naturally show their “소년다움 (boyishness)”.

On September 13, DSP Media released a “coming soon” poster on its official SNS to mark the return of MIRAE. The “coming soon” poster, which was released in two versions, contained a variety of moods expressing the new album “OURTURN.”

The blue-colored poster makes you look forward to the fresh and childlike beauty that MIRAE will show, and the black-and-white version of the poster features a blurry silhouette of the band’s future onscreen, raising questions about the story that MIRAE will express through this new album.

MIRAE, who debuted in 2021, made the “미래 (Future)” trilogy, featuring “KILLA”, “SPLASH” and “MARVELLOUS” which was released in January, impressing strong sounds and colorful performances.

In the new mini album “OURTURN”, which is the cue for the “Boy” series, star producer Kiggen, who has worked on the show produce 101 S2 and with many artists such as Wanna One, Twice and Monsta X , to maximize the color and musical capabilities of the MIRAE group.

The contents of the return promotion of MIRAE, which announced its return on September 28, will be released sequentially via official SNS.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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