2PM: New or… not?

The group 2PM presents its “N°5” Redesigned.

With this visual in black or white, the cover represents a code lock, but what will it be in order to be able to open it?

These two colors represent the “Day” version for white and the “Night” version for black. In the albums you will find of course the cds, and a photobook. No other content has been announced at this time.

You can now pre-order this album on sites like YES24.

This “re-new” album is a new design of the album “N°5” released in 2015, in which you find the title “My house”. We are thus waiting to know what the musical content of this one will be. Will there be the same titles? Will they be remastered? JYP Entertainment still leaves us a little uncertain.

Remember that JYP Entertainment has announced that they no longer want to release a physical album, so you will find the digipack version here, which is smaller than the one that 2PM generation Kpop fans have known.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS 2PM

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