ATEEZ: An OST for Netflix!

On September 25, Netflix announced ATEEZ will perform its new anime « LOOKISM » OST.


During its « TUDUM », the video platform’s exclusive announcement event, Netflix revealed that the anime adaptation of « LOOKISM » will be accompanied by an original song performed by ATEEZ.

It’s not a first for the group, which has already interpreted two OST this year with « Let’s get together » for the web drama « Mimicus » and « Youth story », performed by JONGHO, for the TVING reality show « Young Actors’ Retreat (청춘MT)  ». Additionally, the group previously performed an OST in 2021 with « Dreamer » written and recorded for the Japanese anime « Digimon ».

Published in 2014 on the Line Manga and Naver Webtoon platforms, « LOOKISM » now has 8.7 billion views worldwide. Park Tae Joon’s webtoon tells the story of Park Hyeong Seok, a high school student bullied by these comrades, who wakes up one morning in another body and finds his life drastically changed.

Adapted by Studio Mir, known for its adaptation of « DOTA: Dragon’s Blood » and « The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf », « LOOKISM » and its OST will be available on November 4 exclusively on Netflix.

While waiting for the release of this new song, ATINYs (fandom’s name) will be able to find ATEEZ on stage in Riyadh on October 1st, during KCON 2022 SAUDI ARABIA.

Journalist: Laura
Source: Netflix


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