ADORA: A solar personality

The young singer ADORA from AURA ENTERTAINMENT unveils on Monday, September 26 a first mini-album, called “ ADORABLE REBIRTH ”, during a showcase held in Seoul.


ADORA may not be unknown to you as she debuted on November 5th last year with the digital single “MAKE U DANCE” in collaboration with Eunha of girl group VIVIZ. Today, it is with the title “Magical symphony” that we rediscover the artist immersed in a fairy tale universe, inspired in particular by the Little Prince. She describes life as a journey around the key word “reincarnation”.

In order to highlight this concept, the mini album contains five tracks, “ Magical symphony“, “ My guy“, “ CGBC”, “ Starlight ” and “ Blue blue space ”, as well as four secret tracks, only available on the version album physical: “M.U.D“, “Stardust”, “1209”, and the instrumental version of the title track. It is therefore a very complete first mini-album that the young woman offers us during a showcase.

The showcase begins with the broadcast of a video presenting the artist, before she goes on stage to introduce herself to the journalists present on that day. Then, a short photo session is in order, and after that we discover the clip of “ Magical symphony ”. ADORA begins by saying that she was not that stressed at the idea of this showcase, but that once on stage, the large number of journalists present surprised her.

The little extra of ADORA? She writes and composes her songs herself! In the clip, we discover her in the streets of a village that seems straight out of Eastern Europe, and she is sometimes surrounded by dancers, flowers, lights or snow. Without further ado, once the clip is over, she presents the very first performance of “Magical symphony“, in all simplicity and lightness.


After taking a few minutes backstage to cool off after the performance was over, ADORA returned to the stage saying she was surprised to receive applause from the journalists, who thought she had not put on a performance worthy of the name. as the stage was small compared to the number of dancers. She also takes this opportunity to thank all those who will be interested in her mini-album, and begins by revealing more details about it.

« “Magical symphony” is a title that will bring you energy every time you listen! » ADORA

She looks back on the break she took for the past ten months, where she worked hard for the preparation of this album. In particular, she gave herself a major challenge: to sing ballads, which we can thus discover over the “tracks”, mixing various styles so that the album appeals to as many people as possible. The main thing for her is to transmit a sunny and dynamic image.

She then discusses the choreography of “Magical symphony“, and draws attention to a particular movement where she drops to the ground, on her knees. This move draws its inspiration from a penguin emoticon looking crestfallen, and she thought it would be funny and almost cartoon-like to incorporate such a move to match the lyrics of the song. After that, returning to the subject of ballads, ADORA performs in a capela the chorus of a ballad, with the words “ Baby I’m so lonely ”. Once again, the journalists applaud his performance with the crystalline voice.

She reflects on her future experience in a survival, stating that it is an ideal context for her to learn as much as possible from other people who have worked in the music industry for longer than her. Finally, when KSTATION TV asks her who she would like to collaborate with in the future, recalling her former collaboration with EUNHA of VIVIZ, she chooses her hesitation IU. The MC supports her choice, saying that their vocals would no doubt go very well together if the opportunity arises in the future.

« I hope I can reach many people around the world » ADORA

She also touches on the group BTS, highlighting their influence in the world, and especially in the United States where they held concerts earlier in the year. ADORA hopes to become a recognized artist in the world, but for now, focuses on more concrete dreams. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to release this album, and thus hopes to receive many encouragements in the future, whether for this album or during her next survival.

To conclude this showcase, the young woman presents the performance of the song “Starlight”, the main ballad of this mini album. The piece is transported into a nebula, where only the voice of ADORA can bring us back to earth. On this occasion, the singer changed her outfit, and at the end of the performance, she thanks all the people who made the trip to attend her very first showcase.

The words of our reporter: “ It is with an endearing personality that ADORA won the hearts of journalists, good luck for the future!”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs, Shawn
Vidéo: Shawn

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