CHANGJO: Color for “Danger”

CHANGJO, a former member of the TEEN TOP group, announced the “dangerous” charm of the burgundy color.


CHANGJO will release his second album “DANGER” from “Color Project” on September 26 and will feature a different look. The “Color Project” is a project that adds visual meaning, color to music so that it can be approached and rethought in different ways, being planned and produced with the support of the Korea Creative Talent Project.

“Danger”, which CHANGJO will present, is a song that expresses a flaming heart over a slow tempo reminiscent of an urban atmosphere of tasting a glass of wine with the concept of burgundy, the red color of autumn. The creation calls upon a sensuality that has never been shown before with “Danger”, which predicts a decadent charm through R&B beats.


In a recent interview with Sports Trends, CHANGJO expressed his confidence in his transformation, saying:

“I wanted to show my “versatile” aspect through a kind of music that I had never done before.”

“At a time when I was constantly working and writing so many songs, I was offered the opportunity to work with a new composer in a new direction. It was the ‘Color Project’ and I participated in it because I thought I could put a new side of myself into a good song. As it’s a genre I’ve never done before, I spent a lot of time working on it, and I wanted to show you that I’m a jack-of-all-trades who knows how to sing, dance, rap and produce everything.”

The expression of a flamboyant heart in burgundy, and not in primary red, also contains its desire to underline a new unusual appearance. The music video also announces the creation in a more “raw” way that deviates from the existing style of work.

“Usually when we think of love, we think of red, but there are a lot of emotions in love. I thought burgundy was the color that made me feel that weight when I had a lot of accumulated emotions. I also wanted to show a more “raw” side as usual in the music video, so I shot on location and tried to capture the characters properly rather than the graphics, which is satisfying.”

CHANGJO, who left his agency T.O.P. Media in January worked steadily to be on his own as a “creative artist” by presenting solo songs several times and holding mini-concerts with former TEEN TOP member NIEL. Through this new song, he will solidify his position as an “all-terrain” artist of various colors.


I will continue to work on the music even after “Danger”. I come back with an album and acting activities. I work hard to make sure the direction of the music is right and to meet you with solid work. While working on this project it was not easy but it was a valuable experience like re-recording everything on the last day of recording with files that have been changed but it will be mind blowing. I want to be an artist of different colors that show different aspects rather than one distinct color. I will be back as an artist who adapts to all colors and can do it in his style. Please show lots of love and interest!

It is today that you will discover the new title of CHANGJO “Danger”.

Journalist: Shawn
Source: GNID Records

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