BTOB: SEO EUN KWANG the king of football

SEO EUNKWANG of BTOB, a mood maker in “뭉쳐야 찬다2“.

In JTBC’s entertainment program “뭉쳐야 찬다2” aired on September 25, SEO EUN KWANG appeared in “Team Park Jisung”, the first football team founded by Park Jisung.

That day, SEO EUN KWANG said, “I grew up to be 33 years old with football experience, biting a soccer ball-shaped bottle from birth and listening to cheers from football fans. football while looking at a mobile shaped like a football.”

SEO EUN KWANG then added:

“I have to promise to score a goal because you came this far even though you were busy. If I’m launched, please walk away”,

creating a friendly and laughable atmosphere.

SEO EUN KWANG, who was appointed right midfielder before the game, listened with concentration during the strategy meeting with coach Park Jisung, and when the game started, he played with a more closed face.

In addition, SEO EUN KWANG acted as the team’s mood maker by loudly encouraging team members to create an enthusiastic atmosphere with continuous runs, bringing a smile to the viewers’ faces.

On the other hand, SEO EUN KWANG, as the leader of BTOB group, not only performs as a singer, but also as a multi-talented person such as MC, in entertainment and musical.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment

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