MAMAMOO: A first atmosphere for the return

RBW, the group’s agency, released a concept photo that previews the vibe of MAMAMOO’s 12th mini album “MIC ON” on the group’s official SNS at midnight today.


In the posted photo, the members of MAMAMOO, who gathered in a training hall, warm up in a free atmosphere before training. Each MAMAMOO member wears different clothing styles such as knee high socks, workout pants and crop tops, with natural moods. The unique, free-spirited and confident label grabs attention by emitting a feminine charm that captivates fans.

MAMAMOO will be releasing their 12th mini album “MIC ON” on October 11 and making a full comeback. The new album “MIC ON” means that MAMAMOO, who turned on the microphone, will return to work, signaling the return of MAMAMOO we listen to and trust“.

MAMAMOO, which will begin full operations in one year, will hold a variety of activities, such as music programs, for fans who have been waiting for their comeback. The group also plans to meet fans more closely through domestic and international performances after album promotion activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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