KIM HO JOONG: Three days of memorable concerts

Korea’s Pavarotti (Tvarotti) KIM HO JOONG warmed up Jamsilbeol at his first “Aristra” nationwide tour concert in Seoul.


KIM HO JOONG has successfully completed the KIM HOONG CONCERT TOUR [ARISTRA] 2022 (hereinafter referred to as “ARISTRA”) held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul for three days from September 30 to 2 october.

This “Aristra” received great attention from the public even before the event took place in that it was a performance to announce the return of “Tvarotti” KIM HONG JOONG and to open the door to his first national concert tour. As can be seen from the name of the performance, “Aristra” is also significant in that it is a performance created by a large classical orchestra and Aris.


That day, KIM HO JOONG greeted the audience with his new song “나의 목소리 (My voice)“, announcing the start of the concert with a beautiful performance from the orchestra. KIM HO JOONG said, “Thank you so much for filling the seats. I think this place is heavenly. I hope you do whatever you want to do today and relieve all the ailments in your heart.”

KIM HO JOONG then performed a lyrical scene with the group, including “천상재회”, “섬집아기”, “백화”,내 하나의 사람은 가고“, “우산이 없어요“, recounting his childhood with his grand-mother on stage and a touching story.

Afterwards, the titles “지금 이 순간“, “위대한 사랑“, “공주는 잠 못 이루고” were performed with the orchestra to show off his explosive voice, as well as give the audience a thrill with beautiful sound. On top of that, he summoned his childhood idol Kim Kwang Seok while playing the guitar himself, and brought the audience to tears with so much emotion with every line of the lyrics.

KIM HO JOONG, who gave both emotion and thrill, turned the atmosphere upside down with trotting performances. KIM HO JOONG, who performed with the audience and turned the stage into a frenzy, said, “I’ll do my music no matter what other people say. Thanks to you, I survived. I’m so grateful.” Concluding the performance by conveying their true feelings to Aris through steps such as “고맙소”, “살았소”, the audience responded by singing along.

Through this “Aristra”, which spans from classical to pop to trotting, KIM HO JOONG proved once again that he is an artist who created the genre of KIM HO JOONG, without limits. While actively breathing with the audience, they sometimes cried together, sometimes laughed together, and filled the gym with love for three days with 25,000 spectators.


In particular, since the show was held on KIM HO JOONG’s birthday on October 2, a surprise birthday party was held. As the fan-prepared video messages for the congratulatory songs continued ahead of the final song, KIM HO JOONG shed hot tears and thanked them once again.

KIM HO JOONG “Aristra” national tour concert will be conducted by A9 MEDIA C&I. Additional areas outside of Seoul will be revealed later.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Think Entertainment

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