ROMANTIC CITY: New episode with the 4 artists

The members of “#Romantic City” engage in individual activities to find their own romance.

The third episode of “#Romantic City,” which will air at 5 p.m. KST on October 11, features JUNG JIN WOON (2AM), AHN WOO YEON, KIM SANG KYUN (JBJ95), and KIM KOOK HEON visiting their respective romances. First, KIM SANG KYUN and KIM KOOK HEON, who have formed a team, visit a brunch cafe for breakfast and are flexible to order a rich breakfast menu with romantic cards belonging to KIM SANG KYUN.

KIM SANG KYUN said, “I will go out after brunch, eat again, continue to eat and exercise when I am full enough,” showing his “good eater” instincts, while getting angry at because of an unexpected situation while enjoying hamburgers.

At the same time, JUNG JIN WOON who hit the beach to get a tan, completes his own relaxed romance by lying on the sand and taking pictures with his abs. AHN WOO YEON, who visited a cafe filled with colorful reeds, is having a good time strolling around the outdoor area and sharing his time with JUNG JIN WOON through a video call.

KIM SANG KYUN and KIM KOOK HEON, who appeared on the other side of the beach, were enjoying the scenery while taking photos of the sea, when they saw a photo sent by JUNG JIN WOON and met her from dramatic way. The three show their sense of entertainment by performing a play as if they are each going on a journey and meet by chance.

The travel entertainment show “#Romantic City,” where JUNG JIN WOON, AHN WOO YEON, KIM SANG KYUN, and KIM KOOK HEON travel to Thailand and find their own romance, airs every Tuesday at 5 p.m. KST on more from 10 global OTT platforms, including Watcha, Rakuten Viki, HKmyTV Super and ODC.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Romantic city capture

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