SONG MINHO: An exhibition of his art

Start Art Korea announced on the 15th that WINNER Group’s SONG MINHO will be holding his first solo exhibition at START PLUS in Seongdong-gu, Seoul from the 16th of next month until January 15th.


SONG MINHO will present around twenty works, including new ones, in this personal exhibition.

Beginning with the rookie group show in 2019, he has recently gained attention as a new artist at home and abroad, with exhibitions at the London Luxury Gallery.

SONG MINHO – Oeuvre “Hope”

Start Art Korea said, “SONG MINHO unfolds countless frames of emotions on the canvas with his subtle personality,” adding, “He captured every moment of experience in his own sophisticated way.

In this exhibition, SONG MINHO published his work on three themes: ▲ Growth through emotion ▲ Perception through experience ▲ Harmony and hope leading to the end.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS WINNER, Start Art Korea

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