KANG DANIEL: A feeling of freedom for his return

Singer KANG DANIEL‘s teaser video for “Nirvana” has been released for the first time.

Konnect Entertainment released the title track “Nirvana” from KANG DANIEL’s “The Story: Repackage RETOLD” on November 21.

A lyric line from “Nirvana” leaves a strong impression with sultry imagery such as the sea, yacht shipyard and colorful visuals. KANG DANIEL, who loves freedom and excitement with the words “We get lost“, expresses himself in different ways.

The electro-pop song “Nirvana” is a compressed version of KANG DANIEL‘s energy. As the collaboration with rapper pH-1 and WDBZ was announced, it received extraordinary attention. The music video reunited the production team of “Paranoia” released last year to bring better quality.

KANG DANIEL will return on November 24.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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