MAMAMOO: Three days of concert to launch the tour

Starting with MAMAMOO’s performance in Seoul, MAMAMOO announced the start of the long-running international tour.

MAMAMOO WORLD TOUR “MY CON”” was held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul for three days from November 18 to 20.

Seoul’s performance is the first leg of MAMAMOO’s first international tour in nine years and five months since its debut, and the members proved MAMAMOO’s international popularity by recording high-speed sales at the start of bookings.

The concert was held live only, showing a different charm from the existing stages with full sound and a new arrangement. MAMAMOO presented a magic moment to the audience by performing 37 songs, including new and hit songs, with a perfect live performance.

First, MAMAMOO opened the door to the show by singing “One, Two, Three, Hey” and “Mr. Ambiguous.” They were followed by happy, energy-filled scenes such as “Um Oh Ah-yeh“, “Newyork”,Dinga dinga“, “Funky boy” and “You’re the best“.

MAMAMOO, who held a solo concert for the first time in more than three years and met fans, said, “As we communicate closely with MooMoos (fans of the group) for the first time in a long time, our emotions come It’s no exaggeration to say today’s stages were made by the MooMoos and us.”

When the mood was strong, the four members, from “Aya”, “Ilela”,Taller than you” and “Mumumumuch”, stirred up the excitement of the audience throughout the performances, and the heat on stage reached its peak.

In the solo performances that followed, the members performed a special performance of changing their solo songs. SOLAR reinterpreted WHEE IN‘s “Water color“, HWA SA covered MOON BYUL‘s “Eclipse”, WHEE IN covered SOLAR’s “Honey” and HWA SA‘s MOON BYUL “Twit”, each with their own style. In addition, solo songs by members such as “Spit it out”, “Make me happy”, “Lunatic” and “Maria” were presented in Mamamoo versions, providing different enjoyment.

Behind the intense scene, there was a special moment for the fans. MAMAMOO showed extraordinary love for the fans with fan scenes such as “Paint me”, “I love too” and “Star wind flower sun”. MAMAMOO then caught the eye by performing representative songs one after another, including “Decalcomanie”, “Hip”, “Egotistic”, “Gogobebe”,Starry Night” and “Wind flower”.

MAMAMOO said, “We think this concert was also a MAMAMOO performance,” adding, “Thank you so much for being with us at the start of the world tour. It was so encouraging to hear the cheers and thanks from the MooMoos today. We’ll meet MooMoos from all over the world on the tour, and we’ll try to tear up the stages in the future.”

MAMAMOO, which successfully completed its performance in Seoul, will embark on its first “MYCON” world tour from November 26 to 27, which will lead to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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