MCND: First concert and first tears of CASTLE J

MCND successfully completed its first Asia Tour performance in the Philippines.


On November 19, MCND’s first performance of “1ST ASIA TOUR” ended at SM NORTH EDSA SKYDOME in the Philippines. This concert was the first performance of the Asian tour organized after the European tour, the South American tour and the American tour, and it was MCND’s first solo concert to meet Filipino fans.

It  captivates audiences with uniquely MCND-colored songs and Filipino covers

MCND has satisfied the eyes and ears of global audiences with its exciting and intense music that inspires “singing together” and its perfect performance as an “all main dancer“. From “#MOOD,” which hosted the opener, to the encore song “우당탕 (Crush),” the live performance, which features sharp group dancing and strong skills, thoroughly captivated fans.


The cover performance prepared only for the Filipino audience also attracted attention. MCND perfectly covered “Dahil sayo” by Filipino artist Inigo Pascual and worked with local fans to establish themselves as a fourth-generation global representative. The members also applauded and thanked the Filipino fans in Tagalog from the bottom of their hearts.

MCND fans in the Philippines who have been waiting for us, get ready for a surprise event! Leader CASTLE J, showed tears of joy

Since it was her first visit to the Philippines since her debut, fans who had been waiting for MCND for a long time also enthusiastically responded by “singing all MCND songs together” in Korean. In particular, a video showing a Filipino audience enthusiastic about “HBC” was released on the YouTube channel, realizing the global popularity of MCND.

There was also a surprise event prepared by Filipino fans for MCND. When the fan song “Back to you” started, a fan-made video of MCND’s growth from the early learning days to the present played on the stage’s electronic display.

The members, who were unaware of the event, were surprised and moved, and leader CASTLE J showed tears. CASTLE J said, “I was moved because I remembered those times when I tried so far,” adding, “I thank the Filipino fans for giving me an unforgettable feeling.” The BIC member thanked the fans for their support, saying, “I didn’t know there were so many fans in the Philippines who love us, and I really want to play in the Philippines again next time.”


MCND will celebrate its 1,000th day since its debut on November 22. Since its debut in February 2020, it has been loved by fans all over the world by pursuing various activities around the world.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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