WeNU: Latest teaser for member CHANHYO

PARK CHAN HYO, the latest member of idol group WeNU, has been unveiled.


On November 21, WeNU, a new vocal group from IRION ENTERTAINMENT, released a personal video teaser of its fifth member PARK CHAN HYO on its official YouTube channel.

Through the video, the refreshing images and voices of PARK CHAN HYO were unveiled. PARK CHAN HYO portrayed a three-dimensional charm with mysterious blue hair, a dark voice, and a chic and sweet mood. It also overwhelms the eyes by expressing a different texture with suits in black and beige tones.

PARK CHAN HYO received a lot of love in Japan from the Sigma project group. He is also expected to actively communicate with international fans as he is fluent in Japanese.

WeNU is the first five-member vocal group to be presented by IRION ENTERTAINMENT. The group name, which means “We and our fans are one“, also contains the ambition to show sincere music.

WeNU, which unveiled the five members with brilliant stories, including SUNWOO, E DEN, HEE CHAN, and SUNG HWAN, will prove the qualifiers of “MZ Generation 2am” and “Post BTOB.”

WeNU’s debut album will be available on various online music sites at 12 p.m. on November 30.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS WeNU

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