JUNGMO: He plunges back into his memory

Singer JUNGMO released a lot of information about the music industry with uncontrollable energy.


JUNGMO is KBS Cool FM with Lee Gi Kwang, which aired at noon on November 27 showing his witty speech.

On that day, JUNGMO took a trip down memory lane with listeners, under “Do you remember this song?”, and first recommended the follow-up song “Time” from Taesaja’s debut album.

JUNGMO said, “At that time, Taesaja danced in costume unlike other groups. At that time, there were many fans in their twenties,” explaining that famous actors such as actors Kang Hye Jung, Yoo Ji Tae Kim Hee Sun appeared in Taesaja’s music video.

JUNGMO, who talked about Kim Jong Kook, then said, “Kim Jong Kook was bad at first. then he started talking about the first multinational group, Circle.”

JUNGMO said, “Circle’s agency is Joseon Eumhyang, who started Y2K. It’s an amazing company,” admiring the launch of multinational groups back then, and recently revealed his recent status, saying, “I heard that Circle members are no longer active but are keeping in touch with each other.”

Additionally, JUNGMO woke up on a sleepy weekend afternoon to his overflowing talent and lyrics, including various music industry insights.

JUNGMO is currently meeting the public through the musical “Volume up” as well as participating in various radio stations.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: PA Entertainment

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