K ENTER : K ENTER brings you your favorite choreographers!

Ready for a “taste that pink venom” in real life?

K ENTER is an organization of various events around the Korean culture, this organization is even more interesting because it organizes mainly dance workshops in France with professional choreographers and dancers of the K-pop industry. Indeed, many choreographers came to France thanks to K ENTER, such as Tina Boo and Woonha, members of 1 million, a famous Korean dance studio, but also the choreographer of “BTBT”, a song from B.I, known for its fluid and attractive choreography, made by the talented AITTY TOO.

Those workshops are unanimously appreciated by dance fans but also by the curious who want to learn. It is a real opportunity for French fans to learn the choreography of their favourite artist and to see and understand all the techniques that the choreographer brings.

The workshops are often followed by a Q&A to learn more about the choreographer. After the success of the previous workshops, K ENTER is back with a new dance workshop with this time two choreographers and famous YGX dancers, SILVERGUN and BINI members of “Crazy“, a team of professional dancers and back dancers for YG Entertainment artists, especially BLACKPINK, with whom they have toured since their debuts.

The event will take place the day before the first day of BLACKPINK’s concert in Paris.

See you on December 10th at the LAX studio to dance with the choreographers and dancers of BLACKPINK.

Buy ticket here: https://my.weezevent.com/bornpink-workshop-tour-paris

Journalist: Nour
Translator: Nour

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