JAY B: DEF unveils the “right” live clip

JAY B leader of GOT7 also known under the pseudonym DEF, unveils on his official youtube channel an interpretation of the title “right”.


Microphone in hand, JAY B interprets the title of his latest comeback mixing a harmonious melody and a ballad rhythm.

Dressed soberly under a rosy and radiant sky, JAY B tells us a story with his sweet and catchy voice taking us into the world of his namesake, DEF.

The expression of feelings of love and feelings about a past fusional relationship that continues to disturb the spirits.

right ‘ by JAY B

JAY B dazzles us with his deep and sweet voice in a cover of his title. A signature of the artist who demonstrates his talent as a vocalist with charm.

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Kass
Sources: JAY B YouTube

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