ATEEZ: The group does one Japanese OST after another

ATEEZ is earning a reputation as an OST leader in Japan.


On the afternoon of December 15, ATEEZ‘s agency KQ Entertainment announced that the group will sing « Limitless », the OST of the popular Japanese anime « Duel Masters Win », which will be released on January 8.

The « Limitless » soundtrack of the popular anime « Duel Masters Win », which will air on Japan’s TV TOKYO channel every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. (Japanese time), has the message of not giving in to any adversity and believing in one’s own potential.

HONGJOONG, member and leader of ATEEZ said : « Since the recording, we have tried to convey the message contained in the lyrics and melody to many people. Please give lots of love to the « Duel Masters Win » animation and its « Limitless » OST ! »

Duel Masters Win

ATEEZ has attracted enormous attention by pursuing a wide range of musical activities by singing several soundtracks such as: OST of original drama « Mimicus », OST of Netflix anime series « Lookism », OST of TVING entertainment program « Youth MT », and OST of JTBC drama « Reborn Rich ».

Finally, ATEEZ will release their first single « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS » on December 30th.

Journalist : Myriem
Translator : Myriem
Source : KQ Entertainment, Image “Duel Masters Win” Crunchyroll

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