Thursday, September 28, 2023

ATEEZ: A powerful comeback at « Show! Music Core »

Today, January 7, ATEEZ appeared on MBC’s « Show! Music Core » stage.


After performing at KBS2’s « Music Bank » yesterday, ATEEZ appeared on « Show!  Music Core » and performed « HALAZIA », the title track of its first Korean single « SPIN OFF : FROM THE WITNESS ».

ATEEZ, who appeared in a comeback interview before coming on stage, showed off the key points of his choreography but also expressed his determination for the new year:

« We’re going to show you a great performance today, so please look forward to it. This year, like a rabbit, we will become an ATEEZ that will grow faster than anyone else and go even further. »

Afterwards, ATEEZ appeared with solid visuals and captured the public’s attention with impressive choreography. Even with passionate moves, lead vocalist JONGHO‘s treble part was unwavering live, proving ATEEZ‘s performers’ skills. 

« HALAZIA » is a song that expresses the journey from a small blue whisper, which started in a cold world, to a desperate cry for light. In addition, the harmony of the heavy bass line and the splendid sound effects capture the ears of the listeners.

Immediately after its release, « HALAZIA » caught worldwide fans’ attention. Therefore, this first single topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 29 countries, the YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide and YouTube Trending Worldwide, and won its first award at KBS2’s « Music Bank » on January 6 showing strong interest from the public.

Finally, ATEEZ will appear tomorrow, December 8, on the music show « Inkigayo » which will air at 3:50 p.m.  KST on SBS.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment / YouTube MBCKPOP

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