8TURN: Eight individuals for a group

8TURN raised expectations for its debut with eight different charms.


8TURN (Jae Yun, Myung Ho, Minho, Yoon Sung, Hae Min, Kyung Min, Yun Gyu and Seung Heon) released the individual concept photos of version A of its debut album “8TURNRISE” on its official SNS in the post of January 10.

The photos show the 8TURN members showing off their chic and free-spirited charm hidden in their refreshing visuals. The colorful masks, photogenic poses, and detailed atmosphere created a relaxed mood, further emphasizing the limitless individuality of the eight members.

The swag and colorful charm of the members, which are not hidden even in a simple style, have raised expectations of the endless potential to be shown as a member of 8TURN.

“8TURNRISE”, which will be released on January 30, is an album that boldly captures 8TURN’s first activity to awaken the world steeped in familiarity, and conveys the message: “The value that represents me is myself“. The eight boys of endless possibilities fill the album with high quality performances and different music.

8TURN, which has unveiled all of its first individual photos and predicted a high-quality visual synergy with colorful identities to match them, plans to fulfill fans’ expectation with the first full promotions in the future.

As it has targeted the taste of Generation Z with an unconventional style from the beginning, more attention is drawn to the fresh charm that 8TURN will continue to show.


8TURN’s debut album will be released on online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on January 30, and physical albums will be sold across all music sites on February 6.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS 8TURN

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