MONSTA X: First victory for this comeback

MONSTA X won its first No. 1 trophy on a music show after coming back with “Beautiful Liar.


MONSTA X topped KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” which aired on January 20, with the title track “Beautiful liar” from its 12th mini album “REASON.”

MONSTA X, who was nominated for the top spot, said during an interview in the waiting room before taking the stage, “We are so grateful, and we will be a group that will work harder to match the word for which we are a candidate for the first place.” Additionally, MONSTA X showed an unexpectedly cute and smiling charm with a “beautiful” heart to match “Beautiful liar.MONSTA X then raised expectations by declaring their promise, “As it is the Year of the Black Rabbit, if we win first place, we will wear a black rabbit mask and perform an encore scene.”


MONSTA X, who ended the performance with a powerful performance and an unexpected ending pose, took first place. JOOHEON said:

I am happy to have a lot of MONBEBE ahead of me. This is our 9th year, so thank you for always being with us for 9 years. What I really want to tell you is that if you have a goal, I hope you don’t give up and go all the way, and I’m happy and thrilled that MONSTA X is doing this.

MONSTA X also shared the joy of winning first place with fans by shouting “We love you MONBEBE!”.

As promised, MONSTA X performed “Beautiful liar” wearing a black bunny mask. MONBEBE (fan of the group) also enjoyed MONSTA X‘s performance while singing.

Shortly after the No. 1 spot, MONSTA X‘s No. 1-related hashtags such as #BeautifulLiar1stWIN and #MONSTAX became global trends, attracting strong attention with congratulations.

MONSTA X, who made a comeback with its 12th mini album “REASON” on January 9, received warm reception not only in Korea but also overseas, heralding their sturdiness. With its positioning on the world’s only real-time music chart, Hanteo Chart’s weekly global chart (January 9 to January 15) and physical recordings weekly chart (January 9 to January 15), have surpassed the period of aggregation of the pie chart “Retail Album Chart/August 14”.

Additionally, MONSTA X‘s new title track “Beautiful liar” topped the chart on January 10 on the “Worldwide iTunes Album Chart” and “Music video trending worldwide.”

MONSTA X, who has proven himself to be a master “Trustworthy Listener” via this No. 1 spot on “Music Bank”, is expected to pursue various activities thereafter.

Journalist: Shawn
Tr&anslator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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