ASTRO: A fashion sub-unit

ASTRO Group’s unit MOON BIN & SANHA showed off their mature looks.


On January 25, Harper’s Bazaar, a fashion magazine, released a unit photo shoot of MOON BIN & SANHA, who are active with their third mini album “INCENSE.”

MOON BIN & SANHA, in their latest MV, are transformed into a perfumer with a fatal gaze. Rumor has it that despite their busy schedules the day before the album’s release, the two members were considerate of each other and led the atmosphere of the get-together with skillful poses.


In an interview after the shoot, MOON BIN said of the album, “Until now, the sub-unit album meant that we would eliminate bad memories from our space and leave only memories. happy. So I thought the most about how to define direction as a unit“. “After considering using one of the five senses, I decided on smell. It also means that ‘scent’ creates good memories, and it also serves as a way for people to remember certain times, it therefore expresses their desire to express a memory in others,” SANHA continued.

When asked about the change from before when releasing this third unit album, MOON BIN expressed his confidence saying, “This album contains songs written and composed by all of us, so we were able to show more development. musical,” and SANHA said, “There’s a difference in energy. Our chemistry improved as I took many steps with MOON BIN. I think the synergy developed more on and off the stage.”


Finally, when asked how he would like the public to remember him, SANHA replied, “I want to become an artist who comes to mind when you see and feel something in everyday life. With the aim to make people dream, to be a singer who can inspire and comfort a lot of people“. MOON BIN, adding, “I want to be remembered only for the music and the stage we can do. Saying only MOON BIN & SANHA can do it!”, concluding the interview.

Meanwhile, ASTRO’s sub unit MOON BIN & SANHA is active with the title track “Madness”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Harper’s Bazaar website

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