BTOB: CHANG SUB invited to a birthday party

BTOB’s LEE CHANG SUB caught viewers’ attention with his weird charm.

On MBC’s “I live alone” which aired on January 3, LEE CHANG SUB was invited to the 11th birthday party for Key’s dog band Shinee, “Comme des” and “Boy”.

CHANG SUB took part in the birthday party in an awkward atmosphere by celebrating the birthday of Key’s dogs “Comme des” and “Boy” with Taeyeon, who was also a guest.

When Taeyeon left, CHANG SUB started talking about the military with a drink in a cozy atmosphere with Key, and took a trip down memory lane by watching videos of his days in the military band, which caught the eye. careful with perfect chemistry.

At the end of the video, CHANG SUB sang “Bravo my life” and “Run across the sky” with Key, and showed off their unwavering chemistry, bringing laughs.

LEE CHANG SUB is a member of BTOB group and is active in musicals and entertainment as well as music business. Recently, he visited various universities across the country through the online entertainment program “전과자: 매일 전과하는 남자“, delivering great laughs with a unique sense of entertainment.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment

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