ONF: A gift from the leader before leaving the army

HYOJIN, the leader of ONF, is giving fans a special gift ahead of his release from the military this year.

WM Entertainment stated, ONF’s special HYOJIN single “너를 사랑하는 일 (LOVE THINGS)” will be released on February 14.”

Fans pay great attention to HYOJIN’sLOVE THINGS,” which was prepared before joining the military, after his special album “STORAGE OF ONF,” which was released as a full group in August.

Earlier, ONF, to which HYOJIN belongs, drew a lot of attention with its unusual activities in December 2021 when all Korean members joined the military one after another. Moreover, as he releases a new song which he had prepared in advance before joining the army and shows his constant love for the fans, attention is also drawn to the whole group’s upcoming activities this year. when all serving members are discharged.

ONF, which topped music shows for the first time in four years since its debut with “Beautiful Beautiful,” also scored highly in various activities, domestic and international charts, and album sales, released in the same year. In particular, “Your song“, released during the military season, once again proved its potential by exceeding 20 million views for the first time among ONF clips.

As each album receives enthusiastic support from K-pop fans with its solid musical identity, expectations are high for the new album, which will be introduced by leader HYOJIN.

ONF’s HYOJIN special single “LOVE THINGS” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. KST on February 14.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : WM Entertainment

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