TRIPLE S : First album for this particular group

On this Monday, February 13, the group TRIPLE S of MODHAUS ENTERTAINMENT presents its very first album, responding to the name of ASSEMBLE.


Composed of the members SEOYEON, HYERIN, JIWOO, CHAEYEON, YOOYEON, SOOMIN, NAKYOUNG, YUBIN, KAEDE and DAHYUN, this group has the particularity of proposing a concept similar to that of NCT: a group for a multitude of subunits. It was in May 2022 that this new and unpublished group was presented, unveiling then twenty-four members who will each make their gradual debut in the group’s career. As an introduction, TRIPLE S presents itself with the following text on its official website: Among the girls inhabiting planet Earth, there are some who holds special abilities. We decided to call these girls with special abilities, S. S were living their lives oblivious of each other’s existence. Now we will create a special team calle TRIPLE S through assembling S. Through “DIMENSION”, the girls of TRIPLE S join forces, and demonstrate each of their abilities. “DIMENSION” is recreated every season with new concepts, and forms of group and solo activities.”

TRIPLE S is therefore a group that is defined by the plurality of possibilities offered by its concept. In addition, the agency intends to incorporate NFT technologies into the group and its sub-units to make it modern and dynamic, notably thanks to photocards called «Objekts». So far, TRIPLE S has unveiled two sub-units: ACID ANGEL FROM ASIA which started on 28 October 2022 with the title «Generation», and +(KR)YSTAL EYES, which is waiting for its debut. In addition, the agency actively invites fans to participate in the group’s activity, choosing in particular which members are associated with which subunits. Finally, each member has its associated S-number, as well as a color of its own.

To discover the very first album of this particular group, KSTATION TV was invited to a showcase held in Seoul. Supported by the title song «Rising», this album «ASSEMBLE» is the opportunity to meet the ten girls unveiled so far to the public. The showcase begins with a short teaser, before the members go on stage for the first time for a photo shoot with the journalists present today. Then, the young girls sit down to discuss this first album, remembering that it is thanks to the fans that they stand on stage, then a medley of the album is unveiled, presenting the tracklist: 1) «Beam» 2) «Before the Rise» 3) «Rising» 4) “Colorful” 5) “The Baddest” 6) “New Look” 7) “ChowallI”.

“The first time we heard this song [“Rising”], our eyes began to twinkle because it represented us perfectly” — HYERIN

What is special about the title song dance is that one part is mirrored. Indeed, two members face each other and dance, looking at each other, as if one were a reflection of the other. They also recalled which members were in each sub-unit:


Without further ado, the group briefly leaves the stage to air the video for «Rising» before the ten girls take their seats and perform for the first time the song marking the beginning of their group. We can thus observe the mirror choreography briefly presented during the discussion session with the members. Although this is their first showcase, the performance offered by the artists is very professional, showing the result of their intensive training. TRIPLE S then took the time to answer the questions of the journalists present today.

They return to their concept of subunits, expressing their joy to be able to touch any style thanks to the choices of the fans who also select the songs in the albums, and assigned to each subunit. They also address a specific clause of the agency: if a subunit cannot sell more than 100,000 albums at the beginning, the subunit will be dissolved. Thus, despite the success of the song «Generation» by ACID ANGEL FROM ASIA, it was not enough to reap so much sale, which put an end to this subunit. However, this does not mean the end of the group, as members of this subunit can always start in future new subunits, and continue to make comebacks within the main group TRIPLE S.

“I think that the fact that we all perform together on stage gives us enough energy to leave our mark” — KAEDE 

The journalists took the opportunity to point out the difficulty of reaching 100,000 sales for a group that has just started, especially since MODHAUS ENTERTAINMENT is not one of the best-known agencies. However, knowing that the disbanding of a subunit is not the end of the career for members, they are not as stressed as one might have imagined because of this particular system. The important thing for the members is to be able to have fun on stage, all together, and to see their evolution and progress.

This is how this showcase ends, thanking the journalists who have come, as well as the fans who made their dream of standing on stage on this day. They hope that their first album will receive a lot of support, and promise that they will continue their effort to improve and always reveal new songs, whatever the subunit. Finally, as a concluding word, YUBIN asks fans who want to make a dance challenge on the SNS to film themselves when the sun rises so that it is in line with their title song.


The words of our reporter : “Having enjoyed “Generation” a lot, I’m happy to be back with this musical imprint that is a success for “Rising!” 

Journalist : Pillet Anaïs
Photos : Pillet Anaïs
Vidéo : Chemin Charlène

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