Friday, September 29, 2023
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JAY B : releasing special CD “SEASONAL HIATUS” and joining the army

On February 14th,, JAY B released his new CD “SEASONAL HIATUS“.

JAY B – Special CD: Seasonal Hiatus

On Valentine’s Day, the singer revealed “SEASONAL HIATUS“, a CD of three songs: “One moment“, “Whiskey” and “Wonder“.

This release is a very special one: as the title suggests, this CD marks the beginning of JAY B‘s military service, as he has confirmed a day before the release that he has joined the army on February 2nd. Although he wanted to proceed discreetely, this new step has deeply resonated among the fans who have known him since 2014, or even 2012, with JJ PROJECT and GOT7. So, the singer decided to dedicate the title song “One moment” to his fans to thank them and promise them he will come back to them.

Whiskey” and “Wonder” are the two other songs of the CD. With some jazz inspiration and a more sensual beat, they are a truthful representation of JAY B‘s style: a slow and sexy R&B reminding us of his early Soundcloud under the alias of Def. and his JUS2 duo with YUGYEOM.

GOT7‘s leader is not leaving without giving some music to his fans: on top of these three songs, JAY B (Def.) recently released “about you” as part of SOULBYSEL‘s fourth Hip-Hop and R&B compilation.

Go listen to his new songs from “SEASONAL HIATUS” and go back on this fanmade discography.

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Source: SNS Warner Music Korea


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