LUCY: The medley of the new EP album

Insert your coin and listen to the titles of “INSERT COIN“.

At midnight, on its SNS, the band LUCY unveils a medley-type video, allowing us to listen to an extract of the 4 tracks (without the instrumentals contained only on the cds) of its new and 3rd EP album “INSERT COIN“.

For the 4 titles we notice the implication of the member CHO WONSANG at the level of the lyrics, the production, the composition and the arrangements.

INSERT COIN” is the first content for about six months since LUCY’s debut album “CHILDHOOD” released in August of last year. LUCY fused her unique free energy and warm lyrics into music through various genre-unlimited endeavors. Along with the four-season narrative, LUCY has her own way of delivering a comforting message to listeners in her own way, raising questions about what other stories will be told with the short stories.

LUCY’s third mini-album “INSERT COIN” will be released on various music sites on February 23rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS LUCY

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