Friday, September 29, 2023
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APINK: APINK announces its first five-man comeback

IST Entertainment stated on February 22, APINK will return with a new mini album in April and new activities.”


APINK will be returning as a five-member group, following the departure of SON NAEUN, about a year after its 10th anniversary special album “HORN” released in February last year.

APINK, which debuted with “I don’t know” in 2011, is a girl group celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, and a “legendary girl group” that has long been beloved by the public with many hit songs such as “M.Chu“, “Nonono”,Eung Eung” and “Dumhdurum”.

Last year’s special album “HORN” topped major music charts in Korea soon after its release. APINK has always shown its strong potential, with its song “Dilemma” at the top of the music shows.

Since then, each member has shown outstanding solo performances, exploring various fields ranging from dramas to musicals to solo albums.

After successful individual activities, news of the recent “Pink drive” concert in five Asian regions in March and April raised high expectations.

Expectations are high for the kind of new music and transformation that APINK will show.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: IST Entertainment

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