ZICO: An ambassador of choice

Singer ZICO expressed his affection for the brand which was chosen as an ambassador.

On February 22, on Cosmopolitan Korea magazine’s YouTube channel, a video titled “ZICO’s SWAG-filled Sturview” was uploaded.

On that day, ZICO conducted a brief interview after the photoshoot.

Asked about his favorite product during the photoshoot, ZICO said: “It’s an item that I really like, the chain-shaped piece in the collection is all the rage. The Silver Grey’s… It’s hard to explain . You can only understand when you wear it,” expressing an ambassador impression.

When asked how he felt about becoming a brand ambassador, he replied, “Personally, I like jewelry. Among them, I like T company since I was young.” He also said, “I am thrilled to have become a brand ambassador that I envy,” adding, “I will continue to try to create a different synergy with Company T in the future.”

Meanwhile, ZICO was chosen as an ambassador for world famous jewelry house T in November last year. Blackpink member Rose is also active as a global brand ambassador.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube Cosmopolitan

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