XDINARY HEROES: First fan recruitment

The band XDINARY HEROES is recruiting its official Villains fan club.

JYP Entertainment recently released an image of the first official fan club recruitment announcement on XDINARY HEROES official SNS. The concept of a band using the band’s identity attracts attention.

The “Villains” fan club can be joined on YES24 from 12 a.m. KST on March 15 until 11:59 p.m. on March 31.

On the afternoon of March 15, shortly after the start of recruitment, a list of interview questions written by XDINARY HEROES was released. “What instrument do you want to play in a cool way? Rock is to feel?“. Other questions show the cool side of the members, such as “Is it a rock?” and “What song do you like to listen to these days?” were exceptional and captivating fans.

The official fandom name “VILLAINS”, announced in September 2022, signifies “a symbiotic relationship that is essential for each other, just as heroes do not exist without villains“. Wherever there is a villain, heroes and fans of XDINARY HEROES always accompany him, just like heroes always appear. The 1st recruitment of “Villains” is expected to create a special synergy by establishing a strong bond with the members of XDINARY HEROES as a precious being who shares every moment from ordinary daily life to extraordinary journey.

XDINARY HEROES posted an image to its official SNS at 12:06 a.m. on March 6, signaling a comeback in April. The image attracted attention, including recruiting the first official “Villains” fan club in March, releasing a new album in April, and holding a fan showcase. XDINARY HEROES, which announced a series of good news that encouraged fans for the official fan club recruitment on the announcement of a comeback, will start its performance in earnest in 2023 and expand its influence as “super rookies of K -next generation pop.

The new group XDINARY HEROES, launched by JYP STUDIO J (Studio J)’s artist label about six years and three months after DAY6, consists of keyboardists JUNGSU and O.DE, guitarists GAON and JUN HAN, drummer GUNIL, and bassist JOOHYEON.

In 2022, the group exuded a unique presence with appealing elements such as intense music, group performances, and exciting worldview, and won two titles at the 2022 MAMA AWARDS.

It then successfully held the group’s first solo concert “Xdivinary Heroes Stage ♭: Overture” from December 16 to 18, foreshadowing a brighter future.

Various contents related to the recruitment of the first official “Villains” fan club of XDINARY HEROES will be released sequentially on the official SNS.

Recruitement Link: HERE

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