KIM YEON JI: A new agency

Singer KIM YEON JI has built a new nest at Major9.


Major9 announced on March 24 that it had signed an exclusive contract with KIM YEON JI.

KIM YEON JI worked as a member of the Seeya group from 2006 to 2011, creating a number of hit songs such as “여인의 향기“, “Lovely sweet heart“, “결혼할까요”,슬픈 발걸음” and ” 미친사랑의 노래.” After the group disbanded, she became a solo singer and also worked as a musical actress.

Major9, which she chose as her new nest, includes Vibe, Kim Dong Joon, 4man, Woody, Son So Mang, Jung Yeo Joon, Kim Sun Bin, and Yoon Jae Chan. Major9 said, “We will actively support KIM YEON JI to fully unfold his infinite abilities.”

KIM YEON JI said, “I will visit you with more wonderful music and strong activities with Major9 in the future. Please watch me with great interest and love.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Major9

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