ABOUT KIM SOHEE: A movie to watch

About Kim Sohee will be released this April 5 in all theater, and KSTATION TV had the chance to preview it, thanks to Arizona Films, in the presence of director, July Jung.

July Jung is a South Korean director, screenwriter and editor. Her first feature film, “A girl at my door, was noticed at festivals like Cannes. She finally returns with her new masterpiece About Kim Sohee

Kim Sohee is a high school student with a strong character who does not let herself be walked on, gifted with dancing, however, she will not make it her profession. Indeed the latter opts for a practical profession in order to enter a big company in the country. In this perspective and with the help of her internship tutor, she obtains an internship in a large customer service company.

However, the reality of things catches her up, with deplorable work circumstances and morale that deteriorate day by day. Following this pitiful situation, the case of Sohee will alert an investigator, and an investigation into the politics of the internship in South Korea will be carried out.

In addition to being moving, this film is alarming in the sense that it is a way for the director to denounce this frequent situation that Korean youth have experienced and are still experiencing.

The director says a case inspired her, indeed

“A true story in a small town in the country where a high school student who worked in a call centre committed suicide, outraged activists and parents said it was a work accident, and after real investigation and denial, the company ended up apologizing after pressure from activists and the media”

After watching this film, the director answered several questions from the public, but one of them caught our attention.

“Why do you want to denounce this system?”

“When you are part of this system you do not realize, I found it sad when I watched the news but nothing more than after you take a step back and you understand the gravity, you have to take a step back to realize, people who don’t understand revolt me”July Jung

In addition to being a whistleblower film, it is a film with a very nostalgic scenery,

“The opening scene is also the one that ends the movie, it was chosen from the start, and the idea naturally came to my mind, throughout the film, we understand that everything was done to come to this last sequence, “

says July Jung

If you are a fan of Korean cinema, and thrillers but also curious, this is the perfect film to watch. So, be present for the release of “About Kim Sohee” on April 5th.

Journalist: Nour
Translator: Nour

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