ENHYPEN: The most popular band in the sea

ENHYPEN will enter the US animated film market for the first time for a K-pop boy group.


According to The Pink Pong Company on March 31, ENHYPEN will appear as a new “K-pop group” character in “Baby Shark’s Big Movie!“, co-produced by The Pink Pong Company. All ENHYPEN members will directly participate in the dubbing with the original voices for distribution in global markets such as the United States.

ENHYPEN’s “K-pop Band” character is based on the beluga whale (white dolphin) motif and is the most popular band in the sea. They will add bright and joyful energy to the animated film with these new characters .

ENHYPEN are the first K-pop boy group to enter the US animated film market, so that’s significant. ENHYPEN, a “global rising star of K-pop”, and Pinkfong Baby Shark IP, which has a big impact in North America, are expected to meet to create synergy.

Baby Shark Big Movie” is the theatrical version of the world famous TV series “Baby Shark Ollie and William”, which chronicles the adventures of baby sharks as they set off for a new city.

The film is an animation co-produced by The Pink Pong Company and Nickelodeon, the world’s largest entertainment channel. Thanks to Paramount+, a global online video service (OTT), it will become a benchmark in the American market this year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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