Saturday, September 30, 2023

THE WIND: A documentary on kpop, the new generation is coming

The group THE WIND has caught the eye as the representative of the next generation of K-POP.

THE WIND made a surprise appearance in TVing’s original “K-pop Generation” TV documentary, which was released on March 30.

On the seventh episode of “Make You Move,” THE WIND focused on performance practice with its choreographer before its debut. The passion and energy of THE WIND, which transpires to affirm the essence of K-POP’s sharp group dance, can be fully felt with the video alone.

In particular, spot choreographies such as using fingers or stretching arms have been relaxed slightly, making THE WIND’s refreshing performance as a whole even more anticipated.

Leader SHIN JAE WON said, “When I first saw our choreographer, I thought it would be cool and fun to perform many sharp group dances.”

THE WIND is With Us Entertainment‘s first boy group and consists of seven boys all with different visuals, skills, personality, charm and personality. Like a wave of wind that varies with the season, it will bring the comfort that many people need at this time.

THE WIND will officially debut this spring with the release of its first mini-album “Beginning: The Wind Page.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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