Friday, September 29, 2023
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VANNER: Dreams full of heads

VANNER, the winner of “Peak Time“, expressed its confident ambition.


On May 22, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan published its first full photoshoot of VANNER in their June issue.

The photoshoot was held with a bright and joyful concept in which the members of VANNER celebrated its victory as Team 11:00 who proudly won JTBC’s “Peak Time” survival. The five members, TAEHWAN, GON, HYESUNG, AHXIAN, and YEONGGWANG, garnered praise by showing off their confident professional poses and childish side.

In an interview that followed, VANNER expressed his feelings about the win. HYESUNG said:

“I am grateful to TAEHWAN and other members. I think our team has another opportunity thanks to TAEHWAN’s suggestion to go to “Peak Time“. When I was worried, GON’s words gave me a lot of strength: “I told you that you were the best on stage.” I trusted this and decided to work hard in harmony”,

expressing his sincere gratitude.

VANNER, whose members worked part-time to fulfill its dream of going on stage and earned the nickname “Part-timer”, remembered his time. The youngest of the group, YEONGGWANG, said:

“I deliberately watched videos of seniors I looked up to when I was in trouble. Watching the great seniors, including judge Lee Gi Kwang, who was a fan, I swore to fulfill my dream like them.. “,

showing his extraordinary courage.


VANNER, who competed against multiple teams during “Peak Time“, was asked about VANNER’s identity, TAEHWAN said:

“I think we know each other well. That’s why I think our teamwork is strong”,

showing his strong friendship.

Finally, TAEHWAN said, “I want to play Coachella one day. I believe it will come true if we dream and try.” GON added, “Being on the Billboard charts. I’m going to dream with the members,” ending YEONGGWANG,I dream of the day I’ll set the stage for the MAMA finals,” raising expectations for the future.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cosmopolitan

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