Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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NEWS: Idol’s brother fails to pay his employees as expected

It was revealed that “A”, the younger brother of a member of a disbanded idol group, deferred salaries while running entertainment bars.

According to a May 27 Sports Seoul media report, “A” has not paid salaries to some employees since July 2022 while operating provincial entertainment bars.

At that time, “A” recruited employees by announcing, “If you come from Seoul to the province and work, I will pay an additional 10 million won in transportation costs and a full monthly allowance.”

Employees who traveled to the provinces after seeing the announcement worked without absence for a month, but did not receive the promised additional compensation. Indeed, “A” delayed the payment of compensation by invoking the content of the contract.

Contracts drafted by employees contain summaries such as “a person who engages in personal activities for no particular reason”, “a person who curses” and “a person who argues or disagrees between employees cannot receive compensation. ‘compensation’.

An employee of bar “B” said, “I drew up a contract and worked for a month, but I did not receive the promised full-time allowance of KRW 10 million,” adding, “When the date bride arrived, I found various excuses and I did not receive the allowance.”

Another employee, “C”, said, “I came from Seoul to work in the provinces because of the high allowance, but I feel cheated“, and explained, “Not only me, but also other did not receive benefits.

Employee “D” complained, “I was going to work six days a week as per the contract, but I was told the content was ‘invalid’ and those who wanted to quit should quit,” adding, “It’s so absurd.”

Since the bar is currently closed, damage to employees who have not received pay should be greater.

On the other hand, if the employer does not pay the salary, the worker can obtain compensation from the labor controller and bring a civil action against the employer on this basis.

The employer could be punished with imprisonment with labor for three years or a fine of more than 30 million won if he does not pay the wages to the workers or does not pay them. on a fixed date at least once a month.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Media Sports Seoul

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