Friday, September 29, 2023

ZEROBASEONE: A choreography that immerses you in the group

New boy group ZEROBASEONE has released a dance practice video for the entire group.

ZEROBASEONE (Kim Gyubin, Kim Jiwoong, Kim Taerae, Ricky, Park Gunwook, Seok Matthew, Sung Hanbin, Zhang Hao, and Han Yujin) recently released dance practice videos for Mnet’s “Boy’s Planet” and the mission song “Say my name” on its official YouTube channel and SNS. This is the first practice video of the nine members.

In the released video, ZEROBASEONE showed off its individuality while giving a sense of unity with a white and blue jumpsuit. While ZEROBASEONE caught the eye for its refreshing and dynamic performances, its choreography practice video hit the top of popular videos soon after its release, proving its high popularity.

While ZEROBASEONE showed strong teamwork with “Here I am,” “Say my name” added to the joy of seeing it with gestures and facial expressions reminiscent of the real scene. The animated version of the video drew various movements and the choreographic formation of the nine members more dynamically, increasing your immersion.

ZEROBASEONE is a fifth-generation K-POP boy group created by creators’ choice in 184 countries and regions via Mnet’s “Boy’s Planet.” They reached 1 million followers on official Instagram and TikTok in the shortest time among K-POP groups, creating a global sensation even before their debut.

ZEROBASEONE performed their first stage as a group at “KCON JAPAN 2023” held in Makuhari Messe, Japan on the 14th of last month, and released the spoiler film “Youth in the Shade” of their debut. album at the end of the performance. Center ZHANG HAO and SUNG HANBIN stood face to face with a small candle in the middle, raising expectations for their official debut.

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