Monday, December 4, 2023

DKB: Performance of “I need love” for the fans

DKB, the “4th generation performance masterpiece,” continues the heat of “I need love” by releasing a performance video for fans.

On June 28, Brave Entertainment released a performance video for the title track of the sixth mini album “I NEED LOVE” on DKB’s official YouTube channel and SNS.

This video is a special fan video and contains detailed performances of DKB’s new song “I need love“. While the members’ colorful movement changes were noticeable, the “point” choreography, which focused on the message delivered by the lyrics, also shines.

Through the performance video, DKB caught the attention of fans around the world by performing spirited performances with energetic choreography as well as their exclusive sharp group dance.

I need love” is a song that adds freshness with groovy beats and cheerful synth sounds. It is loved by fans around the world for its lyrics with warm messages and the bright, positive energy with its bouncy vocals.

It garnered attention by breaking its own initial sales record on the first day of release. It also stood out on the global charts, reaching #57 on the World Albums Chart, #1 on the Brazilian iTunes Albums Chart, #2 on the US iTunes K-pop Albums Chart and many other charts countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and Japan.

DKB will hold the first solo “Zepp Tour” in Japan “DKB Zepp Tour 2023-Progress-” in September thanks to the growth of global popularity and meet Japanese fans.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brave Entertainment

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