Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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BTOB : SEO EUNKWANG say thank you to the fans

The singer and leader of the K-pop boygroup BTOB has publised some pictures on Weverse to say thank you to the fans for their support.

While the group BTOB made a comeback recently and are still performing their last song, “Wind and wish“, among other songs during festivals suchs as the WATER BOMB FESTIVAL, which numerous fanmade videos are uploaded on Youtube, the singers of the group also continue their own solo activities.

That’s what the leader of the groupe, SEO EUNKWANG, did when he participated, on July 1st, to the show K-909 where he sung with the group AJR a song entitiled “The dumb song“.

As we expected, the singer was perfectly adapted to the groupe and shown, once again, his amazing talent and unique voice.

To say thank you to the fans who support him, pictures of the backstage have been published on the app Weverse with a word saying thank you to the fans for their neverending support. Here are all the pictures.

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Journalist : Natacha
Source : Weverse BTOB Fanclub





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