Monday, December 4, 2023

NINE.i: In “cyberspace”, a new spirit

A new NINE.i group charm has arrived.


On July 21, First One Entertainment released a concept group photo for NINE.i’s third mini album “NEW MIND” on its official SNS.

NINE.I attracted attention because it was known that 100% of the concept photoshoot was done at Virtual Studio.

In the photo posted, NINE.i caught the eye with fashion and forward-thinking elements in cyberspace against the backdrop of cyberpunk streets. NINE.i combines New Rock black leather high boots, cyber-metal materials and metal accessories to give a strong, visual and charismatic futuristic image to the free spirit.

NINE.i travels freely on the Internet demonstrating wisdom and high-tech spirit in cyberspace, a virtual world. The space, which looks real, is known to have a special secret that first introduced technology to Korea.

Additionally, Off ver. (off version), which is completely contrary to On ver. (On version), which has been fully released, is also planned, raising expectations.

This album begins with the third letter “N” of the five episodes of the NINE.i series, and it is the first time in nine months since the second mini album “I (Part.1)”. “NEW MIND” contains the message “Let’s live like me“, in an inner way of decision making.

Attention is focused on NINE.i’s return in August, which will show new charm and growth through “NEW MIND“, on the kind of storytelling and storytelling that NINE.i will present with this album.

NINE.i’s new album “NEW MIND” will be released on August 3 on various online music sites, and various promotional contents will be released one after another through official SNS.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS NINE.i

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